Sports Rehabilitation

Sports Rehabilitation

Sports Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is the restoration of optimal form (anatomy) and function (physiology). Musculoskeletal injuries can have immediate and significant detrimental effects on function.

Rehabilitation enables individuals of all ages to maintain or return to their daily life activities, fulfill meaningful life roles and maximize their well-being.

Sports Rehabilitation is the process of deciding when an injured player may safely return to practice or competition. Injuries can occur in any sporting activity, and sports injury rehabilitation is a very important part of the athletes sport life. All athletes over time, professional or not, are prone to injuries due to the excessive wear and tear associated with the demands of competitive sport. The right exercise program to maintain strength, flexibility and stability can help athletes recover quickly after an injury, empowering them to resume athletic activities. The main goal is to return an injured player to training or competition without putting the individual or others at undue risk of injury or re-injury.

Sport Rehabilitators have a strong focus on biomechanics, exercise rehabilitation and returning patients to high levels of function.

5 Stages of Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Phase 1. Protection and Offloading.
Phase 2. Protected Reloading and Reconditioning.
Phase 3. Sport Specific Strength, Conditioning and Skills.
Phase 4. Return to Sport.
Phase 5. Injury Prevention.

7 Principles of Sports Rehabilitation

To ensure the optimal recovery and return-to-sport for the sportspersons and athletes:

Performance Analysis
Continuous Goal Setting
Combination of Physiotherapy and Sports Science
Individually Tailored Sports Rehabilitation Program
Variation of Program based on Patient Progress
Re-Analysis prior to return to sport
Prevention of Re-Injury



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