About Clinic

About Clinic

Nova Health Physio Clinic

Nova Health Physiotherapy Clinic offers advanced physiotherapy and rehabilitation in the area of pain management, sports medicine as well as comprehensive orthopaedic, neurological, geriatric and gynaecological rehabilitative physical therapy.

With our state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment, modern medical technology combined with our experienced team of specialized medical professionals led by Dr Rohit Patel and teams, we are committed to provide best medical care and personalized one-to-one treatment. We have expertise in the field of non-surgical management. Dr Rohit Patel have experience of more than 14 years as a Consultant Senior Physiotherapist.


  • Qualified and professional doctors who are constantly updating their skills to help their patients by learning the modern techniques.
  • Holistic and Integrative approach.
  • Effective treatment plans.
  • Qualified doctors.
  • Convenient time- At clinic and Home visit.
  • Affordable charges.
  • Conveniently located :
    • Ashram Road, Bhattha
    • At S.G Highway, Gota Road
  • Availability of plenty of parking space and lift service.

Personalized patient care is what sets Nova Health Physiotherapy Clinic apart. When you visit our clinic, you can expect to receive world class care.

Our Mission

To Provide the best possible therapy to patients and clients utilizing Registered Advanced Physiotherapy, Osteopathic Manipulation Therapy, Chiropractic Adjustment Therapy, Cupping Therapy, Dry Needling Therapy, Kinesiology Tapping Therapy, Manual Therapy, Functional Movement Exercises & many more evidence based techniques.

Our Vision

We are a team of innovative, empathetic, exemplary healthcare professionals who are driven by passion, inspiration and performance as we care for our patients and clients from every age, stage, conditions and walk of life and to become the preferred, integrated rehabilitation centre in India utilizing comprehensive professional resources to create a healthy and happy community where people enjoy, practice, share, fun, learn and accomplish a deeper, stronger and more conscious sense of himself/herself.

Our Values

We will achieve our mission by embracing the following core values.

– Treating all our clients with respect regardless of race, color or creed.
– Evidence based physical therapy practice utilizing the best and the latest research and technology available.
– Listening to our patients and modifying our practice to fit our patient’s needs.
– Provide a good work-life balance for our employees.
– Holding ourselves to the highest possible standards in ethical and integrity based business practices.
– Uncompromising commitment to excellence in all we do.
– Organizing seminars, lectures and provide public awareness related to physical therapy profession and rehabilitation.
– Providing assistance and consultation services for organizations that provides physical therapy and rehabilitation services.