Posture and Ergonomic

Posture and Ergonomic

Posture and Ergonomic

Posture is the way that you hold your body at any given moment, whether sitting, standing, or being active.

Ergonomics is a science dedicated to studying human posture and the ways that we sit and move around that are the most healthy for our bodies. Ergonomics is the study of how a workplace and the equipment used there can best be utilised for comfort, efficiency, safety, and productivity. Ergonomic chairs and desks are designed to put our daily tools in the best positions possible for us to look at, reach, and use without consistently moving our bodies in unhealthy ways. Ergonomics is also used in sports equipment to help people who are being active use proper posture and form when exercising so they don’t risk injury.

Over time, poor posture may be caused by habits from everyday activities such as sitting in office chairs, staring at the computer, cradling a cell phone, carrying a purse over same shoulder, driving, prolonged standing, caring for small children, or even sleeping.

Poor posture can easily become second nature, causing and aggravating episodes of back and neck pain and damaging spinal structures. Fortunately, the main factors affecting posture and ergonomics are completely within one’s ability to control and are not difficult to change.

With the world progressing at lightening pace, the daily grind to win this never ending race, the stress often takes the driver’s seat and your health ends up at the backseat.

Every year, corporate houses loose many man-hours to all kinds of pain. Many employees opt for sick leaves. Those employees who bear and ignore the pain, land up at work, but are distracted by pain which ultimately leads to loss of focus and errors at work, ultimately leading to decreased work output.

Time is money. And by losing out on their employee’s productive time, the corporate houses in turn, have to fathom a decrease in their actual capable productivity.

There is a serious lack of awareness about the risk factors at workplace. If these risk factors are eliminated at the roots, the work related pain can be prevented. This is where the Nova Health Physiotherapists play a vital role, to guide you to a pain free, productive life at work and home.

We work in the following ways with the Corporate sector:

1. Arrange a health awareness lecture with ergonomics training and an assessment camp in the premises to identify the affected region due to continuous repeated stress on the particular muscles.
2. Provide treatment protocol according to pain and discomfort.
3. Tie-up for Physiotherapy at Nova Health Physiotherapy Clinic.

We give exciting offers to the corporate sector for our physiotherapy, osteopathy and chiropractic services.
If Nova Health Physiotherapy Clinic ties-up with any particular organization, its employees can utilize all services for it, at special packages designed particularly for that organization.

Postural assessment and correction often forms a component of your physiotherapy assessment and treatment.

The physiotherapist will observe the way you sit or stand and will make suggestions and give you hints and tips on how best to correct your posture to minimise your pain and prevent recurrence in the future.

Here at Nova Health Physiotherapy Clinic, we will evaluate the causes of your pain and dysfunction, develop an individually tailored treatment plan and provide one-on-one treatment to get you to pain free life.

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