Post Traumatic Rehabilitation

Post Traumatic Rehabilitation

Post Traumatic Rehabilitation

Trauma can be defined as a deep stress and disturbance in humans caused by physical injury or by any mental disorder.

Post-trauma rehabilitation is helping a person recover from a major traumatic injury by taking a whole-person, multidisciplinary approach. Traumas often occur as a result of a motor vehicle accident, but have many other causes as well including workplace injuries, serious medical conditions, sports injuries and more.

Rehabilitation services can provide help and care to assist with your physical state after severe trauma. Rehabilitation can begin as soon as you are stable while you are in hospital and the types of rehabilitation will depend on your individual needs.

Major trauma directly affects the quality of life and further comfort in self-care and everyday life. That is why, to fully restore our joints after injuries, timely competent admitted rehabilitation is necessary.

Joint problems are not subject to time, age or lifestyle. They are found in young people, adults, and the elderly, both professional athletes and people who rarely play sports.

More often, in youth, these injuries are associated with sports, hard work, an accident of heredity. At a more mature age, major trauma is manifested as a consequence:
– Sedentary lifestyle
– Degenerative changes in the tissues of the joints and periarticular tissues, which occur during physical inactivity
– Obesity and the increased risks associated with it will be injured.

In old age, all the injuries and microtraumas received throughout their life make themselves felt. Degenerative processes are only accelerating, and immunity resources are no longer enough to recover, to stop the course of the disease.

Classification of Traumatic Injury


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